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Parent & Tot

West Island Studio

A dance class designed for parents/caregivers and their little ones.

This class will get you up and dancing to all the latest tunes.

Your child will develop gross motor skills, a sense of balance and timing as well as body awareness.

This interactive class will bring the joy of dance to both parent and little one while exercising and having fun!

FUNKY FEET DANCE & PLAY Parent & Tot (10 Months to 2.5 yrs) - (45 minutes class) WEDNESDAYS 

Date: Jan 16 2019 - March 27 2019 (No Class February 27)

From: 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM

(10 month to 2.5 yrs) – FUNKY FEET DANCE & PLAY – Parent & Tot (45 minute class)

Cost: $150 plus tax ($15/class)

Parent and tots learn and get creative with a range of popular dance styles. With a wide range of specially chosen songs and movements, focus is on developing children's confidence and social skills while giving them the best fun they will have all week. Funky Feet will help children of all ages experience the joy of dance: learning to use their own bodies to explore space, rhythm, music and mood through fun activities, steps and routines. Included in this interactive class are fun games with parachutes, hula hoops, bubbles and more! 

Schedule of Classes

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