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Funky Feet

Check out this video where Livia talks to @davidinzlicht about her growth story!

Clink the link below to listen to the FULL PODCAST



Funky Feet is the most popular dance program in schools and daycares all around the greater Montreal area.

Through our unique teaching method that focuses on child development we have been honoured since 2001 to enrich so many children’s lives. We are proud to say that so many of our youngest students are still enjoying the benefits of our dance programs straight into their teens.


The benefits of DANCE are so amazing, from building confidence, self expression, physical

activity, body awareness, to language skills, teamwork, structure and much more! Our unique program is designed to allow children to experience the joy of dance while learning to use their own bodies to explore space, rhythm, music and mood through fun activities, steps and routines.


We bring the coolest moves from the oldie but goodies to the latest tunes! Our classes use a unique mix of dance and singing to help bring out children’s true potential while having the best time!

With movement development and physical coordination goals at each age level, we leave plenty of time for games, improvisation and individual styles. Boys and girls strengthen their friendships in this encouraging and creative environment where everyone is welcome!

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